Absolut Nights


Absolut Nights Toronto was a fantastic night! We had our Sound Reactive LED tiles and projections pumping to the tunes with good people, good vibes, and great drinks!

This was our first time using LED strips, our first time powering something this large, and our first time using Processing in an exhibition! Additionally, we had the added challenge of trying to create a design that was water resistant, as it was placed on a bar-top where liquids are likely to be spilled. As always, there are things we would love to improve with more time, however, the project was a success!

We created twenty-four tiles for this project. Aside from some of the hardware, to create the guts we used; an Arduino Mega 2560, Fade Candy LED driver boards, Twenty Four Meters of low-density (30 per metre) addressable RGB LED’s (WS2812B), an ATX power supply which could output up to 50 amps of current! In addition we used Processing with the Fade Candy and Arduino library to control all the logic behind the tiles.

We want to give a mega thanks to Absolut Vodka, BOOM Marketing, Young Lions Music Club, and 2nd Floor Events. This project would not have happened if it wasn’t for our awesome team who helped us make this project happen, our Technical Consultant Christopher Thomas, dAeve Fellows, Pete O'Hearn, Kayla Free , John Scarpino, Mike Duffield . Also, want to toss a thanks out to Alex Leitch for being our LED hookup, and the always supportive Creatron.


Created in collaboration with Daniele Hopkins, projetions and sound reactive LED tiles were was created for Absolut Nights Toronto on April 22, 2016.

These tiles were also presented as part of

  • Forms Toronto
  • on September 28, 2016

    More documentation images can be found here. Process images and information can be found here.